The Bilstad House

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The Bilstad House (Bilstadhuset) is the name of the property located at Nygaten 14. Today, the property belongs to Dalane Folkemuseum. It encompasses a complete townhouse complex, with a residential building, a sailmaker’s workshop, a barn and a granary, as well as a courtyard and garden.

What is special about the Bilstad House is its original 1900s interior. This includes the original floor plan, wallpaper and colourings, as well as intact furniture and décor from the early 1900s. The house provides a unique historical insight into the life of an Egersund-family through 128 years. Click here to watch a music video recorded in the Bilstad House (external link).


After the city fire of 1843, large parts of Egersund had turned into ashes. Rebuilding efforts were quickly afoot. In 1844, skipper citizen Jacob Jacobsen Bilstad built the Bilstad House. The fire insurance valuation report describes the building as a single storey building with a sailmaker’s loft, constructed on a 6 feet (186 cm) tall granite stone foundation.

In 1868, the sailmaker’s workshop got a framework extension built perpendicularly onto the farmhouse, along Øvre Bekkegaten. This led to the courtyard being enclosed.

In 1890, part of the attic in the residential building was made into three rooms and a dressing chamber. After this, no further structural changes have been made to the house.

The Bilstad family owned the house from it was built and up until Dalane Folkemuseum assumed responsibility in 1973.

The Bilstad House has had the following owners:

  • 1844 – 1881 Skipper citizen Jacob Jacobsen Bilstad, married to Thorborg Haarr
  • 1881 – 1926 Johan Bilstad (son of Jacob Bilstad), married to Anna Kathrine Aarstad
  • 1926 – 1972 Tønnes Bilstad, unmarried (son of Johan Bilstad)
  • 1973 – d.d. Dalane Folkemuseum

Guided tour

Visitors may schedule a guided tour of the Bilstad House. Contact Dalane Folkemuseum for more information.

How to find the Bilstad House

Nygaten 14
4370 Egersund

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