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Dalane Folkemuseum is a regional museum for Dalane, the southernmost part of the county Rogaland, encompassing the municipalities Bjerkreim, Lund, Sokndal and Eigersund. The museum has rich and extensive collections, with facilities spread throughout all of Dalane. The main facility is at Slettebø in Egersund. Egersund Fayancemuseum is located in downtown Egersund.

Dalane Folkemuseum was founded in 1910. The first years it was located at Årstad in Egersund, but in 1935 the museum moved to Slettebø, 3 km from downtown Egersund. The museum has several buildings at this location.

The core of the original facility is district judge Feyer's old country estate, built in the 1850s. The gazebo is even older, from the 1830s. During World War 2, the area housed a German military encampment. The museum's craftsmanship exhibition and agricultural exhibition are found in buildings from that era.

The administration building

  • The building was designed by architect Odd Brochmann in 1952.
  • The building was the administration building at the former institution Bakkebø.
  • In 2000 the museum acquired the administration building, which now houses offices, photo collection, library, workshops, archive and item storage.


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Opening hours

The opening hours for Dalane Folkemuseum's facilities are extended during the summer season. Dates for the summer season varies for the different facilities:


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Ledige stillinger ved Dalane Folkemuseum: Museumshåndverker ved Dalane Folkemuseum Dalane Folkemuseum er regionmuseum for Dalane i Sør-Rogaland med kommunene Eigersund, Sokndal, Lund og Bjerkreim. Museet har sitt hovedanlegg i Egersund. Museet omfatter o...

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I 1998 ble Dalane Folkemuseum omgjort fra forening til stiftelse. Som en følge av dette ble Dalane Folkemuseums Venneforening opprettet. Venneforeningen har sin basis i om lag 300 medlemmer. Foreningen arrangerer foredrag, utflukter og andre sosiale ...