Peter Arnfinn Flak (1870-1937)

Peter Arnfinn Flak

Peter Arnfinn Flak

Professional photographer. The collection covers the late 1890s. Flak took photographs in Egersund and Dalane.

Peter Arnfinn Flak was born in Egersund in 1870. His photographs are taken in the decade 1890-1900. They are mainly cityscapes, but some are from other areas in Dalane, especially Bjerkreim.

Flak emigrated to British Malaya in 1900, where he settled as a plantation manager. Later, he entered the police force and specialised in the identification of fingerprints. After some years, he moved to America, where he continued working on his identification system. He started his own business in New York: Flak Finger Print System Co. His system for fingerprint identification was superior to the previous ones. It gave a good overview and higher degree of security when working on classification. In 1908, he developed the method that is standard when taking fingerprints today; an 8-inch medium-thick sheet of cardboard, made to be easy to catalogue and retrieve. Flak worked a lot as a consultant for the police and a long range of other public and private institutions in the USA. He died in New York in 1937.

Fotlandsfossen med Fotland Uldspinneri cirka 1896. Foto: Petter Arnfinn Flak (DFF-AF0061).

Fotlandsfossen (The Fotland waterfall) with Fotland Uldspinneri (Fotland Wool Spinning Mill) circa 1896. Photo: Peter Arnfinn Flak (DFF-AF0061).

Foto av Slettebø gård cirka 1896. Foto: Petter Arnfinn Flak (DFF-AF0108, utsnitt).

Photo of the Slettebø farm circa 1896. Photo: Peter Arnfinn Flak (DFF-AF0108, utsnitt).