Christmas at Slettebø

Level: Preschool
Time: 40 minutes - end of Nov. / Start of Dec.

The children learn about Christmas traditions and Christmas preparations in the old days.

  • In the kitchen, the children learn about different household tasks - baking, washing clothes and cleaning the house, and polishing copper
  • In our lighting exhibition, we take a look at various sources of light
  • The children learn about what kinds of Christmas gifts were common in the old days, and even get to try their hands at putting whole cloves into oranges/clementines
  • We look at the Christmas tree (old Norway spruce) in the Baroque living room and walk around the Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols (3 optional songs)
  • Lastly, we look at a picture of the Norwegian "fjøsnisse" and talk a little about him

Several relocations along the way to give the children breaks from listening.

When we are finished in the main building and the children are fully dressed, we end the visit by bringing porridge for Santa in the barn.

All learning sessions are free of charge for schools and preschools.