Creative learning at Egersund Fayancemuseum

Level: Preschool
Time: 60 minutes - all year round

A two-part learning session, offered all year round. The children learn about Egersunds Fayancefabrik and get to try their hands at decorating plates or making something from clay in our classroom.

  • Guided tour in the exhibitions - We take the kids on a trip through the exhibitions where we talk about the factory and what faience is. Looking at objects such as a lump of clay, a ship model, and a potter's wheel, the children learn through both sight and hearing. On the second floor, they get to use their hands to feel shapes and patterns on a range of faience objects in our touch gallery.
  • Creativity in the classroom - The kids get to try their hands at decorating their own plates. We use decals, loosened in water, which the kids can place wherever they want. Even little hands can master this simple technique, especially with adult support. If preferred, children can create their own bowls or figurines from clay, instead of decorating plates.

All learning sessions are free of charge for schools and preschools.