World War II

The exhibition World War II opened at Slettebø on March 4th in 2007. Local war history in Dalane is presented within a national and international framework.

The exhibition consists of the following sections:

  • Introductory section showing images from the war
  • The outbreak of war in 1939/40 and an overview of international events
  • Everyday life in Egersund during the war
  • The resistance movement
  • The Slettebø encampment and Operation Freshman
  • Prisoners section
  • The end of the war
  • Reflection section: Conflicts following World War II and modern conflicts

There is a printed exhibition guide available.

The exhibition is located at Dalane Folkemuseum's facility at Slettebø in Egersund.

Photo from a part of the war exhibition

Photo from a part of the war exhibition